Reds, Whites, And Rosés: What’s The Difference?

We all know that person, and might even be that person, who swears that red wines are the only type worthy of our attention. On the other hand, you might be the type of person whose nose turns up at even the smell of a dry red wine, and might only entertain sweet white wines. Today, we wanted to take a couple minutes to get in-depth about what makes whites, reds, and rosés special and unique. Red Wine Has Tannins To Thank For Its Flavor And Color Red wines are made from black grapes and are characterized by their deep red, purple, and blue hues. This rich color comes not from the grapes themselves, but from the skins. During the...

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What Is The French Paradox?

You’ve probably heard before that a glass of wine or two is healthy for you. Today we want to discover if there is any truth to this, or if it’s just what your Aunt Martha said to justify dipping into her second bottle at Christmas dinner. The French Paradox The French Paradox is a phrase coined around the 1980s that referred to a seemingly paradoxical observation that people in France had surprisingly low rates of heart disease when you take into account a relatively high-fat diet. Since it is believed that high amounts of fats, especially saturated fats found in many traditional French foods, is a huge risk factor for coronary heart disease (CHD), it would make sense that the...

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